The History

OMMES s.r.l. was founded in 1964 with three main objectives: becoming a leading producer of brass turned parts, technology and quality.
In the first time composed of only 50 single-spindle lathes, and now composed of 24 multi-spindle lathes.
Today OMMES is the largest producer of brass parts in Italy and in Europe.

Technology and the speed allowed us to establish itself on the market, we deal with Germany for 80% of our production.



We produce 300’000 pieces per day. Thanks to modern technology by equipping each machines with a touchscreeen and pc is possible to monitor the entire production process, from raw material to finished product.
The company has 24 technologically advanced machines of Shüette and it works with to satisfy the customer.
The multi-spindle lathes are equipped with integated bar freeders, pick up and other controlled equipment for specific processes. OMMES s.r.l uses high quality raw material from KME in Berlin and Gnutti Chiari.

Quality control

In recent years has invested on product quality and customer satisfaction. A certification program guarantees the control of machines and the pieces are tested.

the result must be:  satisfied customer.

Certificato Ommes Srl ISO-14001
Politica Qualita e Ambiente
Certificato ISO-9001

It has two control areas spc able to monitor all themulti-spindle releasing any documentation as CMK-CP CPK, also has three-dimensionalcontrol Mitutoyo machines, profile projectors, high-resolution, fischerscope for measuring copper-nickel and any instrument of measurement can guarantee absolute quality.

The company is currently certified according to ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.


Investments on machinery and on staff ensure automatic production, for pieces from 6 to 100mm.

This is OMMES: time reduced, quality and courtesy.

The entire production process from raw material to finished product is organized to satisfy the customer. OMMES s.r.l. also offers outsourcing services such as:

  • Protective treatments( nickel plating, chrome plating)
  • Surface treatments( brushing, lapping and mirror-polishing);
  • Heat treatment.


OMMES s.r.l. stocks more than 3000 tons of raw material ensuring quick deliveries and stable prices.
Finished parts can be held in our warehouse for schedule call of.


The main sectors can be identified among:

  • Electromechanics;
  • Electronics;
  • Hot water and heating;
  • Automotive;
  • Valves;
  • Industrial machines;
  • compressed air.




via Medaletto nr.249 – 23027 Samolaco (SO) – –Tel. 0343 48000

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